Terms and Conditions of Contract, Responsibility, and Liability Limitations


Offer void where prohibited. Valid for persons 21 or older. This is NOT a time-share offer - no solicitation will be made. Limit of one certificate issued per order per customer per day. Qualifying purchase amount is $0.01 or greater order total. Certificate must be printed and redeemed for voucher within fourteen days of making qualifying purchase. Voucher provided is good for use for a full year from date of issue. Not valid for convention or group travel. One certificate per family, per city, is allowed to be redeemed in a 12-month period. Reservations must be taken within one year. Transportation, meals and room taxes are not included in offer. Reservations must be made at least 60 days prior to departure. Reservation requests made within 60 days of departure may not be available, and if so, may be at additional cost. Dates near holidays and conventions are typically not available on this offer, and if so, will be at a additional cost). Hotel accommodations are first-class or deluxe and selected by certificate issuer - guest's choice of accommodations is limited to selection of destination only. Weeknight room reservations are included. Weekends are at additional cost if desired. Certificates are distributed by means of display on the HostingDude.com website, and customer is responsible for printing the certificate, and subsequent redemption. Alternately, customer may choose to receive a pre-preprinted certificate by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to fulfillment center provided. Although it has never before happened, available destinations are subject to modification by certificate provider without notice. Typical modifications by certificate provider are to increase the number of available destinations, as recently occurred with this promotion, increasing from twenty to twenty-three destinations. Note that guests are responsible for ten dollar reservation fee upon redemption of certificate and nightly room taxes typically two to six dollars per person per night, and subject to change by taxing authorities. Certificate offer is provided by the Cash Saver company of Lancaster, California, which is solely responsible for maintaining all necessary registrations required by law in order to make this offer. Certificate offer to provide hotel lodgings is not made or guaranteed in any way by HostingDude.com, which holds no such responsibility, contractual or otherwise, to the purchaser of its services for the provision of the hotel stay. HostingDude.com specifically disclaims the making of any promise whatsoever to the customer for the provision of any services promised on the certificate or that this advertisement claim to offer, other than the service of providing customers with this certificate which HostingDude.com reasonably believes to impart the value as advertised, subject to the limitations, terms and conditions as shown here. The customer's contract for provision of services offered on the certificate, and in this advertisement, is solely with the issuer of this certificate and provider of those services (Cash Saver of Lancaster, California), and not with the customer in any way. In the unlikely event that the certificate cannot be used by the customer to obtain any portion of the services promised on the certificate and in this advertisement, for reasons including, but not limited to, bankruptcy or other failure of certificate issuer, hotel, or reservations agent, HostingDude.com fully disclaims any liability whatsoever and customer agrees that customer's claim, if any, is against the issuer of the certificate and customer has no claim whatsoever against HostingDude.com. Customer agrees that customer's purchase from HostingDude.com resulted in the provision of good and valuable domain name registration, hosting, e-mail, or other good and valuable services and that customer's payment was made to HostingDude.com solely for the purpose of receiving those good and valuable services, and was not based upon, or influenced by, the anticipated receipt and redemption of this certificate, but rather that this certificate was received as a premium for which the customer paid to HostingDude.com no monies whatsoever.. Should financial liability ever be established against HostingDude.com in any fashion for any failure of this certificate to perform as advertised here or printed on the certificate, that liability shall never exceed the cash value of the certificate, a value which is hereby agreed by customer and HostingDude.com to be established as 1/20th of one cent (1/2000th [one two-thousandth] of a U.S. Dollar) and no single customer shall be able to make a claim for a greater number of certificates than for which he qualified, and with a hereby agreed total maximum of no more than 20 certificates, or a maximum total value of 1 cent (1/100th of a U.S. Dollar). In any such event requiring remuneration, customer shall be required to return the unused certificate(s) in order to receive such remuneration. This offer NULL and VOID in any jurisdiction where the governing laws require that the agreed value of any such certificate must exceed 1/20th of a cent, or in any jurisdiction where laws prohibit any portion of this binding contract between HostingDude.com and its customer, or in any jurisdiction where any portion of this agreement shall be held to be unenforceable, unconscionable, or otherwise invalid, or in any jurisdiction which requires that HostingDude.com hold any type of license or registration or certification from that state in order to offer or supply or display such certificates. The actual issuance of a certificate to any customer disqualified by any stated reason herein (e.g., location, age, failure to read or agree with this binding contract), whether intentional or otherwise, shall not fail to render void this offer so long as any of the conditions for nullification are present. Offer subject to termination prior to expiration date for any reason deemed necessary and legitimate by HostingDude.com, with notice provided on this website at time of offer closure deemed as sufficient notice to customer. HostingDude.com customers wishing to participate in this promotion agree and assent to this disclaimer in full by the act of making purchase from HostingDude.com, or by printing this certificate as a premium to whatever valuable goods and services they receive for their purchase. Offer may be void in certain locations outside the United States of America, and its territorial possessions, at the discretion of certificate issuer, and/or due to local laws prohibiting. Void where prohibited. Void where taxed. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless HostingDude.com, its owners, officers, and employees, for any injury, illness, or death, resulting by any reason whatsoever, and specifically for any act of negligence or intent by any person or persons providing services of any type in connection with this offer, and any other person or persons, and also specifically for any act of war, terror, natural or man-made disaster, or act of God, which may occur before, during, after, en route-to, or en route-from the use of this offer.