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Make Your Domain Registration Private!    $1.95 A Private Domain Name Registration is "Unlisted" and can do the following for you:
STOP SPAM COLD!  Keeps spammers from getting your registered email address.
STOP Identity Theft and fraud resulting from disreputable persons acquiring your name, address, and telephone number from a public database.
PREVENT Harassment and even Stalking resulting from others finding your personal information online!
Prevent Data Mining of your personal information.  This often results in UNWANTED telephone calls and mailed promotions.
Save your DAY JOB.  Working the web in addition to your 9-5 job?  Don't let your boss find out!  Protect your moonlighting identity from Nosey Nellies.
Maintain your Privacy.  Your information is nobody else's business!  Keep it that way.
Run a HOME BUSINESS on the internet without revealing that you're a small home-based business. Keep customers and suppliers from making phone calls or unannounced visits to your home.
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  After finding an available domain name you'll be given the option to choose full WHOIS privacy for your domain.

  If your domain is already registered elsewhere...
You can still make it fully private, by easily moving the domain here and choosing to add privacy when you do the transfer.  Plus you get a free extra year of registration!
Click here to Transfer & Add Privacy


Did you know?
When you register a domain name, your personal information becomes immediately available to anyone.   Your name, address, email address(es) and phone number(s) are immediately placed into a public database.

That private and personal information is then instantly available to anyone who wants to view it through a simple WHOIS request from any registrar's webpage (including ours).  This isn't something that HostingDude.com wishes to do -- we're in fact required by ICANN to provide this information as a condition of being a domain name registrar.

And the result of this is that your personal information is completely exposed to anyone, anywhere, who wishes to view it, and perhaps use it to SPAM you, to harass or solicit you by telephone, or even worse - to stalk you or visit your home unannounced.

 domain name privacy whois privacy private domain  

You may have already gone to a lot of trouble and expense to have an unlisted or unpublished telephone number and address, only to now lose that privacy simply because you registered a domain name.  That's why nearly 1 out of every 2 domain names purchased on HostingDude.com use private domain name registration service to ensure the domain privacy.

You don't need to lose that privacy!
HostingDude.com has the solution! 
 You have the ability to change this situation before it even starts.  With a private registration ("unlisted registration") through Domains By Proxy? (our affiliated company), registering a domain name doesn't mean sacrificing your privacy.  Your private domain name is protected, as it is now a private domain.

  • Your new or existing domain is registered to our affiliate company called Domains By Proxy and the information of this company is made public in the WHOIS database.  Your information remains private.

  • You keep full ownership of the domain name via iron-clad, air-tight contract with Domains By Proxy backed by insurance against loss.  You can cancel, sell, renew or transfer your private domains at any time. 

  • You keep full control of the domain name.  You direct the name servers and any forwarding for your private domain.  You set up any forwarding, masking, hosting, or any of our many services for your private domains just as you would for any other domain.

  • The patent-pending registration and email handling systems let you manage and control all postal mail and email addressed to the domain you have registered, as well as the domain's contact information.

  • And your registration is safe -- it's insured against loss by American International Insurance Company -- AND it's backed by our domain name registrar guarantee!   If there's ever a domain dispute or an attempt to seize your domain, that dispute goes directly to you to respond.  You're covered!

  • Please Remember, -- our private domain registration service is a very powerful blocking tool.  Because of this, you cannot use your private registration if you plan to send spam, violate the law, or engage in morally objectionable activities.  This private domain registration product is designed to protect honest persons doing honest commerce.  We apologize that we cannot offer it for other use.


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