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WHOIS tells you who has registered a domain name, and their contact information.  This is a public database.  If you've registered a domain name and don't want others to know your private information, you can make your domain name registration private.

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**Note that an ICANN registration fee of twenty five (20) cents per domain name, per year, is not shown in the above domain name pricing for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, and possibly other TLDs, but must be collected at check-out for domain names registered.  This mandatory fee is charged by ICANN -- the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers: and not by  Effective November 1, 2004, ICANN requires that collect this fee and remit the funds to ICANN.  Thus, for example, the fee for a one-year .com registration would be 20 cents, and the fee for a two year registration would be 40 cents (20 cents times 2 years).  Additional years would be at 20 cents per year.  For more information on the levy and purpose of this fee by ICANN, please see this page on the ICANN web site.  All prices shown on this website are subject to change, and some may be introductory in nature with renewal prices at lower or higher rates, as varying with market conditions, and always subject to change until purchased.  In general, your best value is the original purchase prices offered on these pages, particularly for hosting-related services, and thus we strongly encourage customers to purchase at least 12 months of services in advance to lock in our extremely low rates.  *Total number of domain names registered shown above is based on affiliation with W ild Wes t Domains, of which is one of the largest and fastest growing registration partners, due to our low costs and exceptional service, including free telephone support in an English-speaking (and Spanish-speaking) USA-Based help center.  Please give us a try and begin receiving the great service you've been missing elsewhere.

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